Enbridge engages Arctech Welding to deliver Containment Tanks

Enbridge the Calgary based producer has engaged the services of Arctech Welding + Machining to deliver 2 spill containment tanks (Catch Basins) for the Burley Pikell location.

Each tank serves as an environmental containment tank during the sending and receiving of pigs in their pipeline infrastructure.  Once fabrication has been completed the tanks are coating both internally and externally with an epoxy/urethane product (SP2888) that is applied with Arctech's Plural Componant Spray System.

The costs of the containment tanks is reduced due to Enbridge being able to leverage on the diversity of Arctech Welding + Machining's services offered.  Our company is a true one stop shop for the Oil & Gas Secture of North East British Columbia.

Dean Thom