Crystal Cup Event benefits from Arctech Welding Donation

Arctech Welding + Machining has had a relationship with the organizing committee of Fort St John's Crystal Cup ever since the inuguaral competion back in 2012 and this year is no different.

When the committee came to our company this year requesting some we could not say no so went to work to supply the required items.  This year the company has donated 4 skating frames so the little skaters can enjoy the thrill of ripping around on an outdoor ice rink just like teams do during the event.  In addition to the skating frames we also supplied a custom elevated fire pit so you can warm up your hands when they are chilly.

President of Arctech Welding + Machining, Dave Diehl said he was delighted to make the donation and that he will continue to support the event in future years when called upon.

Dean Thom