Regional Ski Hill benefits from Arctech Welding Donation

Located in the Pine Pass west of Chetwynd, Powder King Ski Resort and in particular the Pine Pass Ski Club benefitted from the donation of all the materials and labour to supply and fabricate 3 skid assemblies that, when bolted together, helped form the base structure of the warming shelter to benefit the kids from the Pine Pass Ski Club.

For a number of years now the club was in dire need of a new warming shelter.  In the summer of 2017 the parents of the ski club racers banded together to make the new warming shelter a reality.  With the collaboration of local comapnies including Vertical Building Systems, Vector Geomatics and Zavisha Mills, Arctech Welding contributed to the planning and provision of materials for the main structural component of the warming hut, to which the framing and exterior cladding could be attached.  

With the dedication of the parents the structure was completed before the snow really started to fly, so the kids now have a warming hut in which to take a break and warm up in during those chilly days on the hill, for this winter and for many more winters to come.  

Dean Thom