Highway Gas & Liquids Plant Expansion & Flowsplitter Project

Spectra Energy Transmission

Arctech Welding + Machining Ltd. has been working to build a strong relationship with Spectra Energy. In the late summer of 2013, Arctech fabricated and supplied several bullet supports, platform extensions and stand-alone platforms, with ladders, for Spectra Energy's Highway Gas & Liquids Plant Expansion Project. We were responsible for shop detailed drawings, material procurement, fabrication and coating of the entire scope of work. As the Plant has existing steelwork, our detailer needed to work closely with Spectra Energy's engineers, to ensure the accuracy of all measurements and dimensions so that the fabricated steelwork would connect with ease. Upon successful completion of this 20,000lb project, Spectra Energy was eager to work with us again and move forward with the Highway Gas & Liquids Plant Flowsplitter Project. The scope of this 155,000lb project included thirteen (13) platforms and seven (7) pipe racks. The platforms were of varying complexity, and several included multiple heights, with connecting ladders. The pipe racks were of varying designs, lengths, and connections; several connected directly into existing steelwork. These projects both concluded with Arctech preparing and submitting an in-depth and all-inclusive Turn Over Package.

Christos Sagiorgis