Kobes & Nig Creek Platform Program

Spectra Energy

Arctech Welding + Machining Ltd. worked with Spectra Energy to increase the safety of workers at two (2) similar sites. Physical access was required to a tank, located well above ground-level; however, temporary platforms were built for each access. Arctech worked directly with the Project Coordinator, as well as several key workers on site, to help design, fabricate and install a safety platform at each site. Our scope of work was all inclusive; we were responsible to design the platforms, engage an Engineer, and assess and measure the locations. Upon design approval from Spectra Energy, Arctech worked through the shop detailed drawing process, material procurement, fabrication and coating. Additionally, we facilitated the shipping and on-site installation of the platforms at their respective sites. Due to space availability, and the height of the platforms, traditional access stairs or ladders would not suffice; instead, an alternating tread stair was required. Although this type of stair was completely new to our shop detailer, supervisors, project managers and welders, Arctech's final product turned out great, was installed with ease, and everyone who has used them is very happy.

Christos Sagiorgis