Steen River Gas Plant Upgrade

Stragetic Oil & Gas Ltd.

Due to an ongoing relationship with Cownden Consulting, Arctech Welding + Machining Ltd. was approached to work with Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. to supply structural steelwork for their Steen River Gas Plant Upgrade. Arctech's scope of work, for this 125,000lb project, included providing shop detailed drawings, fabrication and coating of many pipe supports, equipment supports, pipe racks and platforms. Additionally, we facilitated the shipping of steelwork to the Steen River Gas Plant in Alberta. As Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. worked through the on-site upgrade, measurements, drawings, and requirements were adjusted on a continuous basis. As such and to ensure that our product exactly met requirements, Arctech's thorough diligence was imperative for the entire duration of the project.

Christos Sagiorgis