Paint Shop


Arctech Welding + Machining's paint shop offers a wide range of coatings for any application. A divider that can be drawn down the entirety of the shop allows multiple paint jobs to be worked on at once. The curtain and ventilation ensure that the quality of the finish is to your specification. Our painters have a great deal of experience and are qualified to apply a number of specialized coatings from companies including:

  • Devoe

  • Coverdale

  • Endura

  • Hemple

  • Specialty Polymer Coatings

  • Durashield


The paint shop has an opening of 17ft (5 meters) by 48ft (14.6 meters) and can take objects up to 95ft (29 meters) long. We also have a large loader that can move most objects from our blasting shop to the paint area.

Paint Shop


Blasting Shop

    Arctech Welding + Machining's blasting shop provides a large covered environment for blasting of all sizes. With a door size of 17ft (5 meters) high, 48ft (14.6 meters) wide and a building length of 95ft (29 meters) it allows us to blast in almost any weather condition year-round without your metal being exposed to excessive moisture. The Modublast blasting equipment is a very effective means of cleaning any surface and is essential for good profiling and paint adhesion. We can utilize a variety of abrasives including:

    • Sand

    • Steel shot and grit

    • Walnut

    • Glass beads

    • Soda

    • Aluminum oxide

    • Garnet

    Blasting Shop

    With qualified staff at the ready and the room to blast even the largest of projects, we are the best choice in the north for all your blasting needs.